• Quick Drawing Tool for the Electrical design and drafting.
  • Calculation of illuminance, MCC, capacity of electrical generator, Voltage descent, Transformer  capacity and Panel to distribute an Electrics from drawing files by CAD.
  • Takes off Parts list, Cost accounting and Quotation list including B.O.M. from CAD files.
  • Total integrated Electrical CAD System

2.How it Work?

Standard components are completely provided but non-standardized standards must be managed as blocks. These blocks are iconized based on their standards for the convenient management. In addition, specific data such as names, standards, materials, and so on can be inserted into individual components for a better management.

Automated Tools
User-friendly program with optimization terms for Electrical design
Layout of Electrical Symbols
Control of Symbols direction automatically, List for Introductory catalogue, Powerful Symbols exchanging functions and also,Layout function
Wiring List Strand qty automatically, Strand exchanging, trim of cross areas And List Characters automatically
Utilities Drawing for Qubicule, Cable tray and Flow duct manually Viewing BOM(CLF) DATA on the display, and so on.
Takes off B.O.M. Various output form alike cost accounting through CAD files.
Calculation Sheets Calculation Illuminance, MCC, capacity of electrical generator, Voltage descent, Transformer capacity and Panel to distribute an Electrics

3.Potential Users of CADian 2020 ElectCAD

Engineering companies, Electrical design companies or R&D center

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